Have you ever think about why there is ”pet”?

There is no ”pet” 40,000 years ago, only wolves and “big cats” hunting in the wild while human beings were striving to live. Human then domesticated dogs and cats, made them kind of ”tools” for defence and hunting, to enhance life quality. Human life improved much much better since then. While some of the dogs and cats are still playing a part as working animals nowadays, many of them step into our life to bring us joy and keep us company.

Every life on the planet comes from nature, human, animals and plants. Back in nature, it reminds us who we are, where we come from and where to go. We believe most of us love to take adventure into the nature, this might be the proof that we still yearn for freedom. That’s in our blood, so do the dogs and cats.

Coronavirus has kept us at home for so long. When the day comes, bring your puppies or kittens, take a walk into the forest, go fishing by the lake, or just watch them teasing with each other on the lawn. Enjoy sunshine and breeze together, cherish every moment with your family members.

We would love to provide you and your beloved furry buddies with safe, chic and comfortable products when you spend good time together at home or outdoors, and whether is just a walk or go on a journey.

Starting up as a new brand, we want to make some differences. One of the things we are doing is to select and provide products that fit our buddies’ wild nature.

If you have any fun story or product idea to share with us, do not hesitate to email us via [email protected], and we are happy to share a coupon with you!

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