Pet Cat/Dog Water Fountain

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  • ULTRA QUIET – The pump is ultra-quiet (measured below 40dB) 
  • ENVIORNMENTAL FRIENDLY MATERIAL – BPA free, durable, and it’s easy to operate and clean
  • 3 DIFFERENT MODES – 3 modes: waterfall, bubble, and gentle fountain. The free-falling stream and colorful design will attract curious pets to check it out
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19 reviews for Pet Cat/Dog Water Fountain

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Image #1 from amber


This is awesome. My cat is so old and took a liking to it immediately. She drinks way more than she did before. It¡¯s such a silly purchase but I think my cat is happier for having it.

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This is awesome. My cat is so old and took a liking to it immediately. She drinks way more than she did before. It¡¯s such a silly purchase but I think my cat is happier for having it.

Image #1 from amber
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  1. This fountain was great for a while. I like that the flow of water is adjustable. Noise level isn¡¯t too bad. I keep this fountain in my bedroom and it doesn¡¯t keep me up at night. I appreciate that it came with extra filters, as you have to replace them frequently. However, in the short time I¡¯ve had it, the motor has already stopped working. Last night, in the middle of the night, I heard a loud POP that woke me from my sleep. I noticed it wasn¡¯t flowing, so I unplugged it immediately. It is not longer of use to me after only a few months

  2. This cat water fountain is PURRFECT in many ways. The price is unbelievably cheap for a product that looks and functions great and that will increase the quality of life for your cat. Our cat was not drinking enough water from his bowl but since installing this fountain he has been drinking more often and loves watching and playing with the streams of water. Its been proven that cats are instinctively attracted to running or trickling water and this is obvious as our two cats are fascinated by it! The water comes out clean and filtered and they love it! Easy to clean, easy to change water. The fountain feels very well built and high quality. This is a MUST have if yp

  3. Fountain arrived exactly as it was described and packaged well. Only gave it 4 stars as the pad that goes underneath had a tear coming out of the box. Our 2 yr old Ragdoll comes running whenever she hears water and loves to drink from under every faucet in the house especially the stream from the pullout in the kitchen. We thought this would be amazing for her. Sadly she wants no part of this fountain. Placed it right next to her food dish. She put her paw in it once (that we¡¯ve noticed) and walked away. But to be honest, we have bought several things for her that she totally ignored also like window seats; etc. For $30 going to hang onto this in hopes that one day she¡¯ll decide it¡¯s not so bad after all. I will request a replacement pad from the seller.

  4. I got this for my cat because while I don’t like to spend money on me, I have no problems with spending money on my pets. I have a single domesticated cat and I was probably more excited than she was when it came in the mail.Set up was fairly simple. I also appreciate that it came with extra filters (I change my filter every 4-5 weeks instead of the recommended 2ish since I only have one pet using it. Haven’t noticed a problem with that.) so I could see how my cats reacted to it instead of also having to buy more ontop of the fountain and then finding out my cat didn’t like it.Speaking of, it certainly was an adjustment for my kitty to use this. Previously I just put out a bowl of water and refilled it when needed. Switching to the fountain my cat seemed very confused. I left out a bowl of water next to the fountain so she’d still have water and I wasn’t forcing her to go cold turkey, but every time I would go into the kitchen she’d follow me in begging for food, realize the fountain was still there, and then make sure she sat so I was always in-between her and the fountain. For protection I guess. She kinda stared at it in the same way that she stared at the shower when it was on. Like running water? Am I getting a bath? Eventually she got used to it and she doesn’t have any problems using it now.Finally, when I read the reviews, a lot of people did comment on how noisy it was. Or to be specific, the lack of noise this thing generates. I can confirm that it makes very little noise. The fountain has 3 “modes” that it can give out water, straight from the bottom, from the flower with the screw in, and from the flower without the screw. I’ve found it’s completely silent on the first two, but makes just some running water noise on the third. No more than if my cat was drinking from it so it’s really not noticeable. The pump itself doesn’t make any noise which I was very pleased about. The only time I do hear noise is when it’s running low on water. Which to clarify again it’s not noise of the pump having no water to suck up, but instead. it’s more of like when the water in the top flows down to the bottom it has a longer way to go when it’s less full, so it’ makes more dripping and plopping noises when it’s running close to I’d say like 25-30% full. Some might find this annoying, but I just like to use it as a reminder of oh better put another cup or two of water in the fountain. And then it’s silent again.Overall, I’m very happy with this product. Initially I gave it a 4, but you know what, as I’m writing this I’ve talked myself up and it deserves a 5. Good job on this one guys. Very satisfied.

  5. I bought this fountain as a way to provide something more interesting than a dish for my kitten and encourage him to drink more water, as he eats a lot of dry food. It was easy to assemble, and if you get the water level right, it’s almost completely soundless.My kitten took a few days to warm up to the fountain, so if your cat doesn’t like it immediately, don’t be discouraged. At first he was alarmed by it, though he spent a lot of time staring at it. He then started experimenting with briefly sticking his face into it but could not quite work out drinking vs. just getting splashed. But after a few days, it clicked for him and now he drinks from it almost exclusively and ignores his dish. Every few weeks I clean it out and change the filter. Simple and effective.

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